Zero Waste Shops in Brussels: saving the oceans each time no package is sold

The zero waste movement in Europe is booming. Much needed, because the plastic pollution problem, on land, and even more so in the oceans, is taking proportions that are extraordinary. A plastic soup is floating around our oceans, whereas marine life is dying at an incredible speed. Via the sea-animals that often eat the micro-plastics, it also comes back into the human food chain, creating extra problems. Overall, it’s a problem that is a disappointment for the human culture. Hence the good news: shops that want to do things differently and tackle the problem at its source: by going packaging-free. They are getting more and more spread around Belgium as well, with for instance Ohne in Ghent or Robuust in Antwerp. But the zero waste shops in Brussels are really gaining ground. A few places to discover!

Super Monkey

Zero Waste Shops in Brussels

Besides offering a huge amount of zero waste options, what you’ll find at Super Monkey is also organic and coming from responsible providers. They call themselves a minimum-waste food store, since the 0 hasn’t been achieved yet, though they’re very well on the way. A lovely store. Read more.


Zero Waste Brussels

One of the iconic zero waste stores in Brussels, also related to the lovely Contrebande bar. Besides working with a zero-waste concept, they are also a cooperative, and focus on organic and local Belgian products. A store with a philosophy. Read more.


Almata waste free Brussels

Almata is related to the before mentioned Super Monkey store. It’s like a typical neighbourhood grocery, showing that zero waste options are becoming more and morec convenient, which they should be. Almata’s concept is built on some very strong sustainable principles. Find out more.

Bons Plaisirs

Bons Plaisirs sustainable food Brussels

Not really a food store like the others, but a food factory. A food factory that works with organic and allergen-free dishes, offering healthy prepared dishes and balanced desserts. One of their features in working as a 100% sustainable food factory, is their zero waste one, quite unique in Brussels and Belgium! Read more.

More interesting zero waste projects in Brussels

  • Färm, a well-known zero waste, direct trade supermarket in Brussels;
  • Small zero waste grocery store Day by Day Brussels;

More zero waste shops in Brussels and various European cities

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