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Our society needs to change urgently towards a sustainable society. Luckily, a fast growing number of people are searching sustainable places, and sustainable places pop up all over Europe. To connect these two, people need tools like the Good Goal guide, which researches, visits and lists all sustainable places in Europe. We don’t ask any money to list a sustainable place, so that we can maintain our independent quality. And our guide is absolutely free, for everyone to use. But, there are some ways in which you can help:

  • Suggest a listing:
    Even though we do a lot of research as to sustainable places in every town and city we visit, we still miss out on places and new places or events arise. Feel free to suggest us listings. We will visit them and check if they meet our criteria. If so, they will be included. Let us know via
  • Share information:
    Have you visited any of the places of our guide, but noticed that the opening hours changed, the address changed or the place stopped its actions? Please, let us know via
  • Talk about us:
    Our guide is free, but relies on people as you talking about it with friends, family or whoever. Share our website or Facebookpage ( in your network (oh yes, and don’t forget to like it as well 🙂 ). Do you have a blog or website yourself, feel free to mention Good Goal with a link or article, it’s much appreciated.
  • Get into contact:
    Feel free to contact us with your tips, your suggestions or your motivational support on
    Together, we can create more sustainable stories.