Travel Guide: Books & Maps that give you insider, local and sustainable information

Good Goal offers free information on its website about the sustainable, innovative, authentic and local places you have to visit in various European cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris, Ghent, Budapest and others. These places include vegan eateries, specialty coffee bars, parks, craft beer breweries, etc. But we also took on the challenge to create actual Travel Books & Maps for various cities!

Travel Guide – Sustainable Barcelona Map – 2017

Sustainable Barcelona MapThanks to the support of many, we were able to create a printed map of the sustainable spots in Barcelona. The most unique and innovative restaurants, cafés, shops, wellness, experiences and more in Barcelona, including some to discover the rest of Catalonia. You can get the map for free at more than 30 spots in the city, written in English, Spanish and Catalan! Independent work, sustainable innovation and authentic experiences. Find the map at the places that are on the first page of our Barcelona section or at one of Barcelona’s sustainable, responsible, green and unique hostels and hotels.


Travel Guide – Madrid Book – 2016

Madrid Travel GuideIf you want to visit Madrid in the most original and unique way, Good Goal’s Madrid Book, is all you need! We created a book which combines Madrid’s most famous and known landmarks, with cultural tips of all kinds, sustainable spots, restaurants, shops, projects, and so on! A complete overview of the city, one that focuses on authenticity and sustainability. To give you the nicest experience, to let you discover the most hidden and unique spots, and to promote and encourage the sustainable pioneers in the city.

Where to find Good Goal’s Madrid Guide?

We’re delighted that several sustainable pioneers in the city are selling our guide! The book is for sale at:

Madrid Travel


Travel Guide – Valencia Book – 2016

valencia-guide-valenciaGood Goal’s Valencia book combines the major places of interest, with information on all the sustainable places and projects in the city. These include slow food restaurants, vegan and vegetarian eateries, the most interesting parks, craft beer bars, markets and specialty coffee bars, independent shops, etc. Valencia is a unique city, one that combines city life, beach and nature. With the authentic and honest information of Good Goal’s Valencia Guide, you’re able to discover the most innovative yet local parts of it. Printed by a cooperative in Spain; September 2016.

Where to find Good Goal’s Valencia Guide?

We’re honored that we can count on the cooperation of several cafés, eateries and stores in Valencia which are selling our book. Moreover, by visiting them, you’re putting your first steps into sustainable and innovative Valencia. You just need to find one place that sells our book on your own. After that, our book will take care of you! Above all: enjoy the journey!valencia-guide-specialty-coffee


Travel Guide – Barcelona Book – 2016

Good Goal is an independent guide. No advertisements in this book, no paid reviews (not even a paid drink!); every place is Barcelona Travel Guidevisited and independently reviewed by ourselves. We believe this is the only way to give you honest, transparent information about the innovative, sustainable scene in the city. We worked months to deliver the first Barcelona book that will show you what Barcelona really is: a marvelous Mediterranean city, with hundreds and thousands of passionate people. Printed in Barcelona itself; in July 2016.

  • Where can you find Good Goal’s Barcelona Guide?

Barcelona Guide Book TravelWe’re honored to have several selling points in the city, and the numbers keep adding. You just need to find one place that sells our book on your own. After that, our book will take care of you! Above all: enjoy the journey!

And, you can also order the book online.


Want to co-create something in a city that Good Goal is working in?

We’ll soon publish more maps and books. So stay tuned, for instance via our Facebookpage! And if we haven’t got a book yet, you’ll always be able to access our free information on sustainable places in various European cities via If you’re a sustainable brand or project that wants to highlight sustainable places in your city, and want to co-create something, we’re always eager on collaborating and checking the opportunities together. An email to is the way to go.