Advertising on Good Goal as a way to boost your sustainable project

While we don’t ask any money to list sustainable places in our guide, we do offer sustainable brands or places the chance to highlight their visibility by advertising on our website. Advertisements are possible for a small local businesses, as well as for larger sustainable brands that want to advertise its actions or products.

The Good Goal guide is considered an independent quality source of information. Information towards unique products and projects, products with quality and sustainable products. Our public is searching for these products and projects, in different places around the world. The main public we attract are young, middle class people that attach importance to quality and innovation and are active in their city or in traveling.

Advertising on our website keeps us running and starts from very affordable prices. This way, we want to give small businesses as well as larger sustainable brands the chance of using our advertisement services. We offer advertising space on pages of different cities, as well as on our homepage. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and possibilities.

We only publish a limited amount of advertisements. This way, our site is not fully covered by advertisements and can keep its high quality standard and credibility. For you, it guarantees a high exclusive visibility.

Contact us on, we certainly can find a way to work together!


  • Good Goal is a quality source of information;
  • Our public searches sustainability and quality;
  • The visitors of the Good Goal website are young, middle class people that live in cities;
  • By keeping our advertisements in low quantity, we offer high visibility;
  • By working in direct relationship with our advertisers we can work on specific needs and requests;
  • By advertising on Good Goal you support a young, innovative and independent European project.