15 sustainable shops in Brussels

Living a sustainable lifestyle is ever easier in Brussels. We made a summary of 15 sustainable shops in Brussels, from sustainable fashion to organic and zero waste stores. Places that will definitely make it easier to live green, and that shed a different light on the innovation in this city. Let’s go!

Zero Waste: Super Monkey

Super Monkey is a food store focusing on sustainable products, and on providing them with the minimum amount of waste as possible. More info.

Sustainable Objects: Totem Toys

A toy store in the heart of Brussels, offering a wide range of toys that are all Made in Europe. Read more.

Vegan Shopping: Vegasme

Brussels’ first 100% vegan supermarket, with organic and plant-based products, and food to take-away. More info.

Sustainable Fashion and Objects: Orybany and Vidya Ayurveda

Two joint places, focusing on a circular economy. With sustainable products that are often locally made. Read more.

Zero Waste: Alimentation Géniale

Products harvested in Europe, presented in a zero waste concept. That’s the lovely Alimentation Géniale store. More info.

Sustainable Fashion: Valérie Berckmans

Sustainable shopping in Brussels

Fashion made with sustainable materials, in local workshops. Read more.

Organic Food: Be Positive

A one stop shop for all your organic needs, with its restaurant, food store, juice bar and more. More info.

Fair Trade: Ozfair

Not just a fair trade store, but also a place where you can have a delicious meal and find items from the local economy. Read more.

Sustainable Objects: Manneke

The souvenir reinvented, with a focus on offering products Made in Belgium, by local talents and creators. More info.

Sustainable Fashion: Belgikië

That a lot of talent is housed in Belgium can be seen at the Belgikië store, showcasing only Belgian items. Read more.

Organic Food: The Barn Bio Market

A lovely indoor market, aiming to make organic food as accessible as possible, and minimizing waste. More info.

Sustainable Objects: REstore

A store in the heart of Brussels, with the design items from Benjamin Pailhe, often working with sustainable materials and processes. Read more.

Zero Waste: Almata

Local, sustainable products, a neighbourhood atmosphere and a lot of zero waste options, those are the principles of Almata. More info.

Sustainable Objects: Urban Gardener

Helping people to bring green into their house, with easy to manage vegetal solutions. Read more.

Sustainable Fashion: Les Choux Verts

Ecological and sustainable fashion and accessories for babies and their mothers. More info.

More sustainable places: in Brussels or Europe

Good Goal is an independent guide to sustainable shops in Brussels and various other European cities. We visit every place ourselves and only list the most innovative ones. Our guide is made so that everyone can easily find the sustainable options, those that benefit local people, sustainable innovators and that show you the real and local side of the city. To keep yourself updated, please like our Facebookpage