Sustainable food and drinks: The Sister Brussels Café

A café that deliberately chooses to work with organic and Belgian products, that adopted a very challenging zero waste philosophy and is located in the heart of the city, of course it interests us at Good Goal. Hence we had a talk with the people of The Sister Brussels Café, a place that is breathing sustainability.

When did your project start?

The café opened its doors in August 2015, which makes already almost three years of craziness 😉 .

How did you get this idea?

I created the menu while being pregnant. Those are times that one thinks of the future and questions existing things. I already worked in a small organic restaurant in Brussels, which inspired me a lot.

Why did you choose this neighbourhood and city?

I’m in Brussels for 14 years already. And I love the center of the city. I worked in the restauration since… forever. So I wanted to offer something new in this field. Leaving industrial and mono products behind, and doing it different, making people discover, and being proud of our products: quality and healthy.

Who’s running The Sister Brussels Café?

My husband Blaise, and on the spot it’s Roma and me. Roma and I have been working together for quite some years.

What do you offer?

As to drinks: 60 Belgian beers, fresh juices, quite a choice as to different milks for coffees, smoothies, etc.

As to food: the small kitchen with healthy products, and a lot of gluten-free and vegan options – even waffles!, and breakfast etc.

On the first floor we do activities, tango, yoga, debates, etc.

How do you focus on sustainability?

All the products are natural and without additives. We have put a zero waste dynamic into practice, which we revise quite regularly.

What are some of your main challenges?

Our goal is to have even less waste! Our targets for 2019 are to offer 90% seasonal products and 70% Belgian products, as to food. This means to change the menu very often and to train our collaborators constantly, but we’re very optimistic.

How is Brussels doing as to sustainability?

There is still a lot to do, but Brussels evolves little by little.

Are people more into sustainability?

Ever more people are obliged to eat healthy, and have a specific diet. So organic products are more accepted, and there is less desinformation.

What are some of your favourite neighbourhoods in Brussels?

We love to go out in the city center. It has been covered quite badly, even though in reality it’s full of lovely corners like St Catherine / Antoine Dansant.

Some tips on sustainable places not to be missed?

Oficina – resto and tapas
Au marché noir – daily dishes and take-away
Chez les filles – resto in a buffet form
Cul sec – natural wines
Gaston – ice cream

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