Healthy, artisan food in Brussels: Chez Mauricette

Even though the concept of Chez Mauricette allows to eat in a fast and convenient way, food is prepared with a proper slow food philosophy. A place that believes in artisan preparation and quality products. Enough reasons for us to have an interview with them, to get to know a bit more.

Hi Valérie, how did your project start?

Chez Mauricette started in September 2014, as a concept of fast, quality food.

How did you come on this idea?

I arrived at a turning point in my professional life, and I wished to launch myself in a new challenge. That of a small-scale restaurant, with quality as prime focus, something that always interested me. The problem of bad food is very present in our society. Everybody is busy with their things, and takes less and less care for preparing traditional plates. Our young people unfortunately follow this bad example. This bad food is interconnected with a bad lifestyle, little or no physical exercises, which is alarming. Having visited many restaurants in Belgium and abroad, I wanted to go back to the simple values of life. Creating a cosy and trendy place, where the quality of products is essential, as well as the service to the client.

Why this city and neighbourhood?

I chose Brussels and specifically the European quarter because of its many people here, business people, the European institutions, .. Offering them something new and different. Many of them want to have a healthier lunch, and to be served with a smile.

Who’s running Chez Mauricette?

Me, Valérie Kohl. As a third name I’m called Mauricette. So hence the name Chez Mauricette. It’s also a small wink to my grandfather, a real entrepreneur, who was called Maurice.

What do you offer?

The uniqueness of the concept is to combine fresh and varied products of an unbeatable quality, for reasonable prices. Sandwiches or its relatives, bagel, panini, hamburger, … are banned at Chez Mauricette. The dishes are prepared with seasonal and market-fresh products. For instance salads from seasonal vegetables, meat, fish, fruits. Fresh soups as well. And for the foodies there are also cakes, moulleux, cupcakes, macarons, ….

How do you focus on sustainability?

First of all by supporting our quality providers. But we also search actively for the best solution for our take-away packaging. On place, people eat in real plates, with real cutlery and drinks in real glasses. We avoid plastic to the maximum.

What are some of your major challenges?

The biggest challenge Chez Mauricette is to create awareness among clients that there is a way of eating healthy, varied, and in little time. Moreover, at Chez Mauricette that is an enjoyable place, and with a dedicated service. All our plates are made with care. The cutting of the vegetables, the fruits, the cuissons based on selected and tested recipes, are all done on place by an enthusiastic team.

How do you think Brussels is doing as to sustainability?

Since Brussels is the capital of Europe, it is impossible to ignore the will of European institutions and others to create more awareness on sustainable development, on different levels. Many things are happening in the field, and with a good reason.

Do you feel people are more into artisan food?

I absolutely think there is a “back to the basics” movement. People are more and more into eating healthy. They want to feel warmly welcomed and served. The real values of a proper eatery or coming back, little by little.

What are some of your favourite areas in Brussels?

Of course, the European quarter, little known by foreign visitors. But also the atmosphere at the Sablon and at the Grand-Place.

A few specific sustainable places to recommend?

Yes! Pré de chez nous and Le Tero.

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