Going zero waste in Brussels

Recent “plastic-attacks” in Brussels, people leaving the plastic packaging in the supermarket itself, received lots of media attention. We heard there is even a law in Belgium, obliging supermarkets to accept left packaging by the customers. But of course, avoiding it from the start is even a better option. It’s why we made a list of zero waste shops and projects in Brussels. Places that have sustainability not as a small extra, but as the core of their projects.

Super Monkey

Super Monkey is not just a store full of zero waste options, they also focus on the origins of the products, favoring local and ecological. More info.

Alimentation Géniale

The perfect urban store for zero waste shopping in Brussels. Moreover, Alimentation Géniale focuses on European products. Read more.


Partner of Super Monkey, with the same spirit. Sustainable products and minimizing waste. More info.


Waste-free store in Brussels working as a cooperative, and favoring local, Belgian products. Read more.

The Barn Bio Market

As the name suggests, The Barn Bio Market focuses on organic goods, but also on offering them in a zero waste concept. More info.

More interesting zero waste places

  • The Sister Brussels Café: café close to the Grand Place that adopted a zero waste philosophy. Read more.
  • Boentje Cafe: zero waste café in Schaerbeek. More info.
  • Le Marché Bio: the famous Tanneurs organic, zero waste indoor market. Read more.
  • La Grainerie: combining a small zero waste specialty store, with vegan catering. More info.
  • Bulk: grocery store in Ixelles with organic, zero waste goods. Read more.

More sustainable places: in Brussels or Europe

Good Goal is an independent guide to zero waste shops and other sustainable places in Brussels and various other European cities. We visit every place ourselves and only list the most innovative ones. Our guide is made so that everyone can easily find the sustainable options, those that benefit local people, sustainable innovators and that show you the real and local side of the city. To keep yourself updated, please like our Facebookpage