Vegan in Brussels: Vegasme

Vegasme, Brussels’ first 100% vegan supermarket is a great add to the city. A very handy help for people wanting to live a plant-based lifestyle, and moreover it’s a place much dedicated to sustainability. Hence we had a talk with them, to get to know a bit more about this lovely place.

Hi Natacha, how did Vegasme start?

The project started about 1 year before opening the shop, which was on the 17th of March 2015. The vegan offer in Brussels was still in-existent, and I saw entrepreneurship as a work- and lifestyle that attracted me. So I stopped my studies and decided to launch this adventure.

How did you get the idea to start this?

Being vegan myself, I thought about what I missed as a consumer, and what I would love to find in a shop. This formed the basis of the concept.

Why did you choose this location?

I’m a “bruxelloise”. That the capital of Europe didn’t had a 100% vegan shop shocked me, so there was no point of opening it anywhere else. The neighbourhood itself was chosen by opportunity, I wasn’t looking for one specific area. I just followed my instinct.

Who’s running Vegasme?

I founded Vegasme and still run it, together with my father now whom joined me one year after opening.

What do you offer?

An ethical range, that is 100% vegan, 90% organic, local whenever possible and one that can please to a broad public that has intolerance’s or food allergies. We also have a “traiteur” service.

How do you focus on sustainability?

Offering 100% vegan food, including organic items is the base of our sustainability. But we also fight against food waste, by redistributing our unsold items.

What are your biggest challenges?

Making people even more aware of the importance of eating in a responsible way, following the philosophy of avoiding harm to sentient beings. In the future we also hope to offer a service of food coaching and personalized nutrition advice, for those that wish to optimize their health.

How is Brussels evolving as to sustainability?

In recent times, Brussels is evolving relatively well. To notice that, it’s enough to see the raise of enterprises offering a vegan offer in their menu or product range. Those that open nowadays and avoid to include that offer, really miss the current demands.

Do you feel people are more into sustainable food?

Yes, I feel it with people that come to visit my shop. People don’t trust the industrial products anymore. The various documentaries with hidden camera’s in slaughterhouses and the food scandals that have exploded over recent times, make that people know enough to rethink our way of consuming.

What are some of your favourite neighbourhoods in Brussels?

The Place Sainte-Catherine/Dansaert for having a drink or some food, the neighbourhood of the Marolles to find some hidden gems, and to eat as well. The forest of la Cambre to breath and renew my energy, and the neighbourhood where Vegasme opened for its multicultural atmosphere.

Do you have recommendations of the veggie places not to be missed?

Les 4 jeudis, Dolma, Seedz, Het Warm Water/L’eau chaude.

Thanks a lot for sharing your story and for your innovative work!!

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