Tattoos and art in Barcelona: the story of Desideratum

We love Desideratum in Barcelona. Not just because of the fantastic artistic work they deliver. But also because it’s a very progressive place, open to everyone, and with a clear social objective. Hence we had a talk with them, to get to know a bit more.

How did your project start? Who’s running it? And why did you choose this neighbourhood?

The project started one year ago. After wandering around a lot, and finally decided to go for it. I wanted to combine 2 of the biggest passions I have, and contribute to this scene through these two things. I’m running this place with the other female tattoo-artists. I had a look at other places, such as Girona, but finally decided to settle in this neighbourhood, because it is very lively. Also, there are other studios around, and I think it’s a good idea to build a “tattoo” neighbourhood.

What do you offer? And how do you focus on sustainability?

We offer high quality tattoos, personalized and in plenty of styles. We also do laser-removal of tattoos, piercings, we sell art, jewelry and books. We’re a tattoo studio with a social character. We offer free tattoos to women that suffered domestic violence and that obtained scars. We reconstruct the aureoles for women that suffered breast cancer, also for free. There is still a lot of work to do as to gender inequality, and that’s the reason why we launched our project and do what we do.

What is your favourite neighbourhood in Barcelona? How is the city doing as to sustainability?

I love Poblenou, which is also the neighbourhood where I’m born. There is still a lot of consciousness that has to rise as to sustainability in Barcelona. A lot! But for instance the idea of removing excess plastics in supermarket is something that I absolutely support.

Thanks a lot for sharing your story and for your innovative work!!

For more info about Desideratum, check our review.

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