Sustainable shopping in Barcelona: the story of Home on Earth

Home on Earth has become quite an icon in Barcelona. Not only do they offer beautiful, natural items. Sustainability plays a key role in all of that. Hence we had a small interview, to get to know a bit more about their shop, project and philosophy.

When and how did your project start? Why did you choose this city?

The project started in 1999 when Mette and I (Stefan) met on Komodo Island in Indonesia. We both grew up surrounded by nature, where we were taught to respect and love it. That is the reason why our motto is “inspired by nature”.

We chose Barcelona because it is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, sunny and a lively city full of possibilities.

What do you offer? How do you focus on sustainability?

Home decor products and gifts with a Nordic touch, special and hand crafted items made in Barcelona and the rest of the world. We choose fast growing materials (wool, bamboo, coconut, hemp…) for our products, without compromising precious resources from nature. We also enjoy a very close and respectful relationship with our suppliers and there are no chemicals, nor intermediaries in the way we work.

How is sustainability evolving in Barcelona? Do you feel attitudes of people change?

There is a growing awareness about the individual and global actions that must be taken and the fact that our personal decisions and consumption do make the difference. I believe that in Barcelona several actions are being taken in this direction.

We do feel that there has been a slow but progressive change in people’s minds and in the way they understand the environment and the impact of individual consumption patterns.  Whether it is the type of food we cook, the reduction of plastic or the avoidance of single-use products, as well as making room for organic, durable and noble materials that have the least impact on our ecosystem. We have to protect our resources and the environment that we want for us and for the future generations.

What are some of your favourite places in Barcelona?

We love to go to the beach, to walk up to Montjuïc, walking the city… both the mountain and the beach are so close to the daily life in Barcelona! We also appreciate the beauty of the nature in the city.

Thanks a lot for sharing your story and for your innovative work!!

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