15 vegan and organic restaurants in Brussels

The Belgian cuisine is known to be of excellent quality. And more and more, it’s also an innovating one. All around Brussels you can find restaurants, eateries and cafés coming with a unique, sustainable offer. We made a selection of 15 of the vegan and organic restaurants in Brussels that you really have to try. Let’s go!


A lovely neighbourhood restaurant, working as a social project, aiming to promote sustainable food and urban agriculture. More info.

Garage à Manger

Using products from small, local and organic producers is what Garage à Manger in Brussels does. For the food as well as for the drinks. Read more.

Humus x Hortense

The place to be for fine vegetarian dining and exquisite artisan cocktails, in a very unique setting. Using local and organic ingredients. More info.


Not a restaurant, but Brussels’ first 100% vegan supermarket, also offering homemade prepared plant-based dishes to take away. Read more.

Le Citron Poilu

Products with a story, that’s what you can find at Le Citron Poilu. From natural wines to craft beers from local microbreweries and organic food. More info.

Dream & Food

A lovely place with about 50% of the dishes being vegan and 50% vegetarian. Recipes designed by renowned chefs, prepared using sustainable ingredients. Read more.

Chez Mauricette

If you want your lunch to be fast, yet healthy and sustainable, you can combine the artisan ingredients at Chez Mauricette to your own liking. More info.

Be Positive

Be Positive is not only an organic store. It’s also a restaurant, beauty center and much more. A one stop place for all your organic needs. Read more.


Very creative vegetarian food in a buffet form. In a restaurant with a lovely interior, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. More info.


Ozfair is a fair trade store, but also offering organic and fair groceries, and vegetarian food to eat on place or take away. Read more.


Chef Arnaud prepares original veggie dishes at CaféVaria, located at the Theatre Varia, and organizes all kinds of events, screenings and workshops. More info.

Belga & Co

Specialty coffee in Belgium

The perfect place for a coffee is Belga & Co, preparing coffees in the most qualitative way, and supporting sustainable projects in coffee-producing countries. Read more.


Titulus is a haven for natural wine lovers. With a wine cellar with finely selected wines, a bar to taste, and artisan food throughout the day. More info.

Vidya Ayurveda and Orybany

While at the Orybany part of this place you can find sustainable fashion and objects, Vidya Ayurveda pleases with a vegan, raw food bar and more. Read more.

The Sister Brussels Café

Located just off the Grand Place, Belgian beers only, organic food and a zero waste philosophy, The Sister is the perfect introduction to Brussels’ sustainable scene. More info.

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