10 parks to visit in Antwerp

Antwerp has quite a lot to offer when it comes to green and natural areas. Some more famous ones, others rather unknown. We made an overview of 10 parks to visit in Antwerp and its surroundings. From gardens in the city to pristine natural zones in the outskirts of the city. Enjoy, and relax!


Perhaps Antwerp’s most famous and central urban park. A green zone of 14 hectares with several historic features, popular with the locals on summer days. Read more.

Wolvenberg and Brilschanspark

A rather unknown natural zone in the Berchem-part of the city. The Brilschanspark is a well-managed urban park, whereas Wolvenberg is a nature reserve with a charming pond in the middle. More info.


Middenvijver, Sint-Annabos and Blokkersdijk form a huge natural area at the left-bank of Antwerp’s river. Also offering some splendid views on the city from various points. Read more.

Park Spoor Noord

A relatively young urban green zone, with very popular activities and leisure facilities. Brought a breath of fresh air into this diverse neighbourhood of Antwerp. More info.


One of Antwerp’s most famous parks, a beautiful interplay between forests, water and other natural features. Including a popular amphitheater. Read more.

Hobokense Polder

10 parks to visit in Antwerp

The Hobokense Polder is not that known, even among locals, but it’s a lovely nature reserve on the outskirts of Antwerp. Tranquil, bordering the river Scheldt, and with a remarkable biodiversity. More info.


Nachtegalenpark, Den Brandt, Middelheimpark and Vogelenzang form a cluster of 90 hectares of charming natural areas. with an open air museum, and various other facilities. Read more.


A hidden gem in Antwerp city. The Noordkasteel, “the Nothern Castle”, is a green zone with a historic and natural importance, a unique green area in this part of the city.

Kalmthoutse Heide

Not located in the city of Antwerp, but located in the Antwerp Province on the border with The Netherlands. A premiere space to find pristine natural beauty, ideal for a day trip from the city.

To come: Ringland

Not an established park yet, but agreements have been made. A bottom-up initiative to cover up the polluting ring-road around Antwerp’s center, and to offer a land of greenery to the citizens. More info.

Worth an extra mention:

  • Plantentuin: a small but charming botanic garden in the heart of the city. More info.
  • Zwemvijver Boekenberg: an ecologically-maintained open air swimming poll. Read more.
  • Gedempte Zuiderdokken: not established yet, but aiming to form a “Central Park” in Antwerp. More info.

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