Zero waste shops in Barcelona

Thanks to innovative entrepreneurs, and a lot of community work, Barcelona’s zero waste scene is growing quickly. An important signal for this city next to the sea. We made an overview of zero waste shops in Barcelona. Food stores offering their products in a waste-free concept, or shops and projects upcycling waste into something better.

Ciutat Vella

  • Casa Perris: an iconic bulk store in El Born, offering a wide range of food items . More info.
  • Pinzat: making bags and wallets by upcycling the canvases of trucks, seat belts, etc. Read more.
  • Yes Future: a new supermarket, focusing on sustainable goods in a zero waste concept. More info.


  • Back to Eco: upcycling jeans to trendy fashion, working with social workshops. Read more.
  • Casa Ruiz: a quite large store with a modern concept, selling food products in bulk. More info.
  • Upcycling Barcelona: shop and workshop, upcycling fashion, accessories and furniture. Read more.


  • El Safareig: an independent family business, offering household, cleaning and beauty products in a waste-free way. More info.
  • Handsel & Granel: a lovely neighbourhood shop, selling all of their food products in bulk. Read more.
  • Gra de Gràcia: renowned waste-free store in the heart of the Gràcia neighbourhood. More info.
  • Tuuulibrería: you bring books you don’t want anymore to the shop, and buy those you wish for a voluntary donation. Read more.

More zero waste stores in Barcelona or in Europe

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