25+ sustainable places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is at the forefront of sustainable innovation, a haven in Southern Europe. Locals have a sincere sensitivity for various sustainable issues. And the active spirit makes sustainable projects and businesses flourish. We made an overview of 25+ sustainable places to visit in Barcelona. From the most authentic vegan and slow food cafés, to organic food and zero waste shops, sustainable fashion stores and much more. Let’s go!

Veggie food, slow food and drinks in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very vegan and vegetarian-friendly city. It’s a part of the city that is quickly expanding, with ever more fully plant-based places. Check out for instance the authentic Cafeteria Santoni, the vegan and organic shop and eatery Vega Raw Organic, or combine craft beers and vegan burgers at CatBar.

Catalans do attach a lot of importance to seasonal and local products. It means you’ll find quite some places focusing on authentic and quality food. Check out for instance the lovely café La Tetería Barcelona, or get yourself an artisan ice cream from Güd Polos Helados.

One also needs to drink of course. Barcelona’s craft beer scene is an example for many cities. With plenty of bars focusing on beers that are brewed in the region, and ever more microbreweries in the city. We love La Més Petita, a small authentic craft beer bar, CatBar, combining craft beers and vegan burgers, and Barna Brew, a charming microbrewery.

Sustainable fashion and objects

An eye for design is one of the specialties of the city of Barcelona. And ever more, sustainable fashion can be added to that aspect. The amount of shops and projects keep growing, an important benefit for sustainability. Check out for instance Biaitee, making handmade and upcycled fashion. The items of Back To Eco are all made by upcycling as well. Baobab Company Barcelona offers clothes made in a sustainable way, with a tropical style. La Manual Alpargatera is an icon in the city, making handmade espadrilles. And for all kinds of items related to interior decoration and design, made in responsible ways, check out Home on Earth.

Nature and sustainable projects in Barcelona

Two sustainable projects we absolutely love, both aimed at helping you to discover Barcelona’s slow side are Barcelona Plan·it with personalized itineraries for Barcelona and slow foodie walks in different neighbourhoods and Barcelona Slow Travel, organizing all kinds of activities and experiences related to Barcelona’s sustainable scene.

Barcelona is a very dense city, though you’ll still find some interesting urban parks in the city center. These include the Montjuïc Hill or the iconic Parc de la Ciutadella, among others. A mere 15 minutes metro or FGC-ride transport you to Barcelona’s surrounding hills, such as the Vallvidrera-site at Collserola.

Food stores and markets

If you want to buy quality, local and organic goods, there is a range of independent food stores in Barcelona. Don’t miss Casa Perris, a waste-free bulk shop already present since 1940. La Repartidora del Poble Sec and BioBarri both focus on products that are harvested in an ecological way. Whereas the specialty of Ferment 9 are all prebiotic, probiotic and fermented food and drinks.

Getting around

Cycling services in the city are slowly improving. Barcelona Cycle Co. is a project that makes life with a bike even more convenient. They rent out bicycles, do repairs and sell second hand equipment and more.

Getting around on an electric scooter is also easier than ever. The sharing service of Yugo lets you unlock and start an electric scooter with the app, and park it wherever you like.

Personal care

Going for sustainability in the personal care aspect is not only better for the environment, also for yourself. The Amapola Biocosmetics for instance are made of ecological, natural materials, with a shop in El Born. The Lalemana hair salon works with eco-friendly and sustainable products.

For a tattoo, check out Desideratum. A tattoo studio, but also so much more, with a sincere progressive philosophy.

Sustainable hostels and hotels in Barcelona

If you’re not living in the city, but are visiting, you should count the budget you spend on accommodation. It will make you realize the important of choosing sustainability from the start. There are plenty of options for choosing a sustainable hostel or hotel in Barcelona. Jam Hostel, La Casa Gran, Sleep Green or Hostal Grau, they are just a few of the innovators in this scene.

As you can see: Barcelona has loads to offer when it comes to sustainability. By visiting its sustainable places, you discover the true spirit of this city. Charming, cosmopolitan, and innovative.

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