Zero Waste Shops in Europe

Every minute, one million plastic bottles are sold.  Let that number sink in for a minute. Less than half that number are recycled. Yes Houston, we have a problem.

Super Monkey zero waste BrusselsNot just we have a problem, it’s also a problem for our environment, for our climate and not in the least: for the oceans. And then back to us. So it’s time to act. A huge amount of passionate projects have been launched in recent times. Projects tackling the plastic problem, in two necessary ways. Those that are here to avoid extra waste, the waste-free/minimum-waste/zero waste shops. And those recuperating and upcycling waste products (making something better after recycling a product).

With this article, we’ll guide you to find these innovative stores that can be found all around Europe. More than well worth supporting!

Zero Waste Shops in various European cities

All around Europe, we can find ever more waste-free stores, focusing on providing a quality product, and eliminating the waste, quite literally. A few zero waste shops and projects not to miss:

  • Stock, Brussels: a cooperative food store offering zero-waste, organic, local and fair trade products. Find our review here.
  • Fruta Feia, Portugal: a Portuguese project creating a market for “ugly fruits”. Ugly fruit for beautiful people. Find our review here.
  • Almata, Brussels: a lovely neighbourhood store in Brussels, with minimizing waste as a key principle. Find our review hereGra de Gracia
  • Casa Perris, Barcelona: an authentic, iconic bulk shop in Barcelona, in a listed building. Find our review here.
  • Mein Markt Meene Welt, Berlin: independent, no-waste supermarket in Friedrichshain. Find our review here.
  • Handsel & Granel, Barcelona: a very charming and unique zero waste shop in Barcelona. Find our review here.
  • Lara Kookt Voor u, Antwerp: an iconic vegetarian project in Antwerp, recently switched to offering waste-free products. Find our review here.
  • Super Monkey, Brussels: organic, minimum-waste, local: sustainability is key at Super Monkey. Find our review here.
  • OHNE, Ghent: one of the zero waste pioneers, now with a second location in Ghent. Find our review here.

More zero waste shops: in European cities.

Upcycling stores and brands in various European cities

On the other hand, of course the waste doesn’t disappear, unfortunately. Many products have a lifespan lasting longer than a human’s life. So it’s also time to clean up and do something with it. Once again, a large amount of creative and innovative people have launched projects of all kind, upcycling waste in something better, for instance fashion. A few upcycling projects in European cities not to miss:

  • Pinzat, Barcelona: upcycling plastic materials into artistic, creative bags, wallets and more. Find our review here.
  • Valérie Berckmans, Brussels: a part of the materials used to create the fashion is upcycled. Find our review here.
  • Dobedo, Berlin: a lovely workshop and multifunctional space, reusing materials to create upcycled fashion. Find our review here. Pinzat upcycling Barcelona
  • Kek Ló, Berlin: upcycling fashion store to be found in Berlin and Budapest, combining a café and upcycling. Find our review here.
  • Ecoalf, Madrid: cleaning up the oceans by using plastic waste from the sea to create fashionable fabrics. Find our review here.
  • Garbags, Lisbon: bags made of garbage, 100% upcycled items. An inspiring shop in Lisbon. Find our review here.
  • Biaitee, Barcelona: fashion made in Spain, for which upcycling is the preferred working method. Find our review here.

More zero waste shops: in European cities

More upcycling stores: in European cities

Good Goal is an independent guide to zero waste shops, upcycled fashion and other sustainable places in various other European cities. We visit every place ourselves and only list the most innovative ones. Our guide is made so that everyone can easily find the sustainable options, those that benefit local people, sustainable innovators and that show you the real and local side of the city. To keep yourself updated, please like our Facebookpage

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